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Customer Praise for Blue Smoke

"Blue Smoke fits all my requirements for coffee: delicious, organic, shade grown, fair trade, AND hand-roasted just for me by a friendly, handsome roaster. What more could I want?" ~ Jeanne Elium, Walnut Creek, California

"My sister who works in the cheese department at Katuah Market sent Firefly to me for my birthday and I loved it." ~ Lynn allison

"I so enjoy your coffee." ~ Karin Newlon, Ooltewah, TN

"I love the Hot Chocolatier blend." ~ Missy Mayes, New Market, TN

"Got the coffee yesterday. We had the Hot Chocolatier this morning. It was awesome!!" ~ Fred Doss, Chattanooga, TN

"Your coffee is absolutely wonderful." ~ Kirsten, Asheville, NC

"The most AMAZING coffee I have ever had! Leconte blend has such a awesome unique taste & it helps the trails forever program, so it's a win win. Found out about Blue Smoke supporting the park & of course had to order some to help my fav national park & the trails & I'm very glad I did!"Courtney ~ Lucedale, Mississippi 

"Got my Creekside today. Delicious!!! It's really the best. Decaf that you can't tell is decaf. Genius! Yumm!!" ~ Angela, New Geneva, PA

"No gimmicks, just the best coffee I've ever tasted. Hand roasted just for me. Thank you for doing what you do so well." ~ Jim, Black Mountain, NC

"And as a consumer may I say that that person touch validates you, your company and an incredible business plan. Keep roasting my man, keep roasting." ~ Curtis, Melbourne, FL

"Holy Cow! So I ordered the Medley blend. I am not exaggerating, THIS IS THE BEST, FRESHEST COFFEE THAT I HAVE EVER TASTED!" ~ Steven, Tampa, FL & Ohio

"We've been loving our Blue Smoke coffee for the last couple weeks. Thanks for your awesome coffee!" ~ The Campbells

"Blue Smoke coffee is such good coffee" husband says EVERY morning after his first sip. Thank you. ~ Julie, Signal Mountain, TN

"Dreamcatcher is heavenly! I love it! I have not had a cup of coffee like this in years - truly. I'm not a snob about my coffee, but I am very picky. Please promise to be my roaster forever." ~ Colleen, Long Beach, CA

"My restock order just arrived from Blue Smoke Coffee. Yes!!! I have a cup of organic Jade Cloud tea steeping now. Life is good. Beautiful smell too! I opened the box in my office and immediately half the office staff was coming through my door wanting to know what smelled so good. Mae Mae's Blend is a hit." ~ Julie, Niota, TN

"Love the Holiday Blend!!!" ~ Carol, Rome, GA

"The coffee was so good at Elemental that we bought a bag from Whole Foods to take home with us." ~ Petra-Kate, Alpharetta, GA

"If you are a coffee drinker, do yourself a huge favor and go get a bag of Blue-Smoke Coffee right now! I have had my own coffee shop and had thousands of cups of coffee. IMHO nothing tops Blue Smoke. Plus, Kevin is a genuinely good person. Thanks for making the world a better place!!!" ~ David, Atlanta

"I just wanted to tell you that we just received our order of coffee and are thrilled! I absolutely love the attention to detail and personalization that you put into our bags with the labels. You don't see that everyday!! I'm fixing to put a pot of coffee on right after I hit send! Looking forward to our next order." ~ Maranne, Dothan, AL

"My sister recently had your coffee at Elemental for the first time, and she said it was the best coffee she's ever had."

~ Laurie, Chattanooga

"I had a table get up and come tell me that they have never had a cup of coffee that good, and wanted to take some home. They love it when I told them the coffee they were drinking was just roasted for them and delivered that day." ~ Colette, Manager, Elemental Restaurant, Chattanooga, TN

"The Key West B&B House Blend is one of the best cups of coffee I ever tasted." ~ Key West B&B guest from Holtsville NY (via Tripadvisor)

"I drink coffee all over and there is nothing that comes close to tasting as great as Blue Smoke. Keep up the good work and we'll keep ordering." ~ Kelly, West Paducah, KY

"The Nantahala roast is very smooth, dark and rich, and enjoyable. I could smell the amazing aroma when I opened my mailbox and raced to brew some in my French press. I'm saving my last cup for desert." ~ Edward, Montana

"The Key West B&B Breakfast Blend is perfect while the tropical morning sun greats you on the terrace at Key West Bed & Breakfast." ~ Brenard, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I recently received a bag of the Holiday blend as a gift. It is a very good product. I ordered another bag of Holiday before it ran out for the season as well as a bag of Appalachia. I am looking forward to their arrival. Good job." ~ Mike, American Soldier in Afghanistan

"I'm currently in a ❤ relationship with your Medley light roast. Thanks for roasting perfectly smooth coffee! This is the coffee of my dreams." ~ Julie, Niota, TN

"Oh my goodness!! I am sipping some Cataloochee and it is heavenly!! Are you SURE it is half caff?? Been trying to cut back on the caffeine and this doesn't even seem like less! LOVE IT!" ~ Jan, Glendale, KY

"You have without a doubt the best coffee that I have ever drank. The LeConte blend being my favorite." ~ Edward, Gatlinburg

"When you drink LeConte, the spirits of Beethoven and the entire 1824 Viennese symphony orchestra pop into your head and play the Symphony No 9 chorus, and you come to know one of the greatest joys of being incarnate. Kevin, he's a humble man who likes to live a simple life, but really he's a master alchemist who is saving the world one-pound-of-the-best-coffee-you-have-ever-had- at a time!." ~ Heather, Tampa, FL

"Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the Mt. LeConte roast. It is absolutely heavenly." ~ Jan, Glendale, KY

"This morning I am reminded why I should always, ALWAYS go out of my way to pick up your coffee." ~ Lynda, Chattanooga

"Picked up some of your LeConte blend at Greenlife... Fantastic! Wonderfully rich! The effort and love you put into Blue Smoke comes thru in the taste and smell of it. There isn't a single other company that comes close to capturing that dedication. As corny as it sounds, I swear I can actually taste the mountains in your coffee." ~ Holly, Chattanooga, TN

"I got my coffee today! I don't think I have ever had such a wonderful customer experience for an order I placed online!" ~ Teresa, Sevierville, TN

"There's no substitute to Blue Smoke's Crossroads blend....I've intended to let you know before how much I love this coffee. I was about ready to give up coffee altogether because I couldnt find one I really liked, but then I started buying your espresso. Now I probably drink too much! I can't imagine ever giving this up!" ~ Christie, Asheville

"We were introduced to your wonderful coffee at the Key West B&B when your shipment of their special blend arrived and they opened the box. What a fragrance! Wafted throughout the entire house and up the stairs into our room!" ~ The Bissell's, Lake Worth, FL‎

"We received our Blue Smoke. It is delicious beyond description !!!!! Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. Your personalized packaging is clever and attractive. Your newfound coffee friends, ~ Joe and Alice, Virginia"

"Holy Moly. We received our Blue Smoke and had our first pot this morning...AMAZING! And we are very, very picky about our coffee! Thanks so much. Will definitely be buying again." ~ Harry and Jennifer, Greensboro, NC

"I'll be enjoying your coffee in the morning...Should be cool enough to take a cup on the back porch...Many thanks to you guys for doing such a fantastic job!" ~ Holly, Chattanooga

"I tried your coffee at Greenlife. Excellent." ~ Jonathan, Chattanooga

"If I haven't said it lately...I just want to say how much I LOVE your coffee! It makes me happy!" ~ Margie, Smoky Mountains

"Wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the LeConte and Appalachia blends...they are absolutely heavenly. I look forward to getting up each morning and brewing your coffee!!" ~ Jan, Michigan

"It continues to amaze me what you can do with a coffee bean. You - my friend make mornings great!" ~ Greg, Indiana

"We experienced your great coffee at the Thunderhead Perk in Townsend, TN while staying at the Bunkhouse Inn and have been hooked ever since. We love the aroma and the taste! It's the best we've ever had!" ~ John and Cherie, Osprey, FL

"Our Friend, Lori, received the coffee we sent her. She is absolutely ecstatic, just as we are when we receive our order!!!! Thank you ever so much. Also, thank you for all the good you do in the world. It is so refreshing to see others, especially businesses, who care as much as we do about the world. Your coffees are delicious. We, also, love your organic T-shirts. They are just the most comfortable, cozy, beautiful shirts......thank you, thank you." ~ Janice, Miami, FL

"We love your coffee and we love the French Press. We have told so many people the story of your incredible customer service, and of course about your delicious, as well as sustainable coffee. I have already decided that for Christmas gifts this year I am giving your coffee. To get customer service like your company provides in this day and age, is outstanding." ~ Susanne & Ron, Scottsdale, AZ

"The coffee is wonderful stuff. I ordered from Blue Smoke because your business is carbon neutral. Environmental issues are important to me, and I try to support socially responsible companies. Told a friend about you yesterday." ~ Anne-Marie, Partlow, VA

"This morning I had a cup of fresh coffee made from your fabulous beans. Thank you very much for this wonderful coffee. And the mug and shirt as well!" ~ John, Shizuoka City, Japan

"Thanks for sending the coffee so quickly. I opened the box this morning and what a glorious smell emanated from the box!" ~ Jill - Marietta GA

"DELICIOUS!" ~ Steven, Columbus, Ohio

"I received the coffee yesterday and oh wow!!! The smell is scruptious, and the taste is so smooth, rich and wonderful!!!!! We brewed it up right away we were so excited!!!!" ~ Lael, NC

"Blue Smoke Coffee is the best cup of coffee I've had since I lived in Oregon 12 yrs ago! We bought a bag to take back to Cincinnati. This morning while opening the bag, I was greeted with one of the most intoxicating aromas known to man/woman, perfectly roasted coffee beans. The oily sheen on each bean indicates freshness that you don't get from the big roasters, e.g. Starbucks." ~ Rick, Cincinnati.

"I have been drinking coffee since I was a child. My Mama would give us a cup in the chilly mornings to warm us up before our long walk to meet the school bus. I have to say that Blue Smoke is the first coffee that I truly enjoy. The flavor is unique & it wakes you up. Organic too! Thank you Blue Smoke, I will order more soon." ~ Dee Zafra.

"Thanks for the coffee and corn-plastic mug -- we love them both! We'll definitely order again!" ~ Justin, Richardson TX

"I love the Medley blend and am looking forward to trying your jam." ~ Frank, Hollywood, FL

"I received the gift basket and it is great! Thank you so much." ~ Pam, TN

"We just wanted you guys to know how wonderful we think your coffee is." ~ Herb, Syracuse, NY

"Your customer service is delightful!!!! It means a lot to me...." ~ Jenny, Marina Del Rey, CA

"We love the coffee!" ~ Kathy, Atlanta, GA

"I love the mug and really appreciate the fact that its made of corn and is biodegradable. I recently read William McDonough's Cradle to Cradle where he talks about creating innovative products with 'intelligent' design that will generate ecological value once its useful life is over. So, it really hits a chord with me that you are environmentally responsible and choose to carry eco-friendly products on your website. I support what you are doing and will continue to drink your coffee." ~ Frank, Hollywood, FL

"The order was received yesterday, brewed this morning, very nice!" ~ David, Gwynedd Valley, PA

"Thank you for your inquiry, the tea arrived and is delicious!" ~ Linda, Clarksville, TN

"We received the coffee and it is wonderful. Thank you very much for the wonderful and friendly service." ~ Bonnie, Portage, Michigan

"The personal attention is much appreciated." ~ Timothy, Falls Church, VA

"It's a pleasure doing business with you and I appreciate you too and everything you're doing." ~ Frank, Hollywood, F

"We are really enjoying the coffee. It has a very fresh and clean (organic) taste." ~ Chris, Roswell, GA

"The Mandarin Green Tea is really good. I will be drinking it all of the time." ~ Caroline, Tampa, FL

"Your customer service is AMAZING and the coffee is great and I love that it is organic, shade grown and fair trade--- also great is the competitive price." ~ Cheryl, Omaha, NE

"We really like the coffee! Thanks again. You will hear from us again soon!" ~ Renee, Arvada, CO

"We love your coffee." ~ Kathy & Jim, Indiana

"We very much appreciate your outstanding customer service."\ ~ Guelda, Marina Del Rey, CA

"Our order arrived and is perfect. My postal carrier commented on how incredibly good it smelled! The custom labels are a nice touch. Your company definitely understands customer service!" ~ Renee, Colorado

"Thank you for your very prompt service." ~ Bonnie, Michigan

"I love it! (Canopy coffee)" ~ Monica, Mesa, AZ

"Thank you for your attention to my order. The freshest cup of coffee ever. Thank you, again. You will be sure to hear from us again when our supply is low!" ~ Lisa, Knoxville, TN

"The teas taste great, the Blackberry tea is my favorite" ~ Casey, Asheville, NC

"I'm having the Jasmine Tea this morning and it's wonderful." ~ Lisa, Knoxville, TN

"I am thoroughly enjoying the coffee." ~ Diane, Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for your timeliness and personal attention!" ~ Ashley, Atlanta, GA

"My week was okay but your coffee definitely made it much better. You were right about the taste being even better when its freshly ground. That first cup was awesome." ~ Frank, Hollywood, FL

"Excellent brew. Coworkers are cheering!" ~ Thomas, Winter Park, FL

"The coffee is DELICIOUS ! I am sipping a cup of Canopy now and it is oh so good." ~ Zane, Dalton, GA

"Ran out of Blue Smoke and had to buy a half pound at the store in the meantime and my spoiled boyfriend lamented, "where's our Blue Smoke?" We love your coffee." ~ Cheryl, Omaha, NB

"I'm really enjoying your coffee and so happy that we discovered Blue Smoke at The Happy Hiker in Gatlinburg last month. Love the white tea as well!!! I've turned a friend onto the coffee as well." ~ Carolyn, Woodstock, GA

"Some great friends of ours had a cup of Blue Smoke and enjoyed it so much they gave us some as a gift. We thought it was delicious and was delighted to see that you delivered and ordered some as soon as I could. I will be placing regular orders. Thanks so much for your wonderful service." ~ Kareen, Suwanee, GA

"The coffee is wonderful. I have tried alot of different beans and am very particular about my coffee, but I can honestly tell you yours are some of the very best." ~ Vicki, Lenoir City, TN

"Your coffee and is a big hit in our home. Thanks for your great coffee and great service. Keep your roasters warm, we'll be ordering again soon" ~ Thomas, Acworth, GA

"While shopping at one of our favorite places, The Happy Hiker, we tried your coffee. It was amazing!!! We purchased some there to take home with us and now we need to order some more. I must say, this is the BEST coffee EVER!"

~ Seventh Day Production, Springfield, MO

"A friend gave us some of your coffee for Christmas and it's the best we've had." ~ Jan, Springfield, MO

"I ran out of Blue Smoke and I've had to resort to drinking some funky coffee that my sister gave me for Christmas that is some gourmet stuff and it is NOT anywhere as good as Blue Smoke and I need my Blue Smoke!!! ~ Dan, Aylette, VA

"I'm excited to get another bag of Crossroads, it really has a wonderful taste and is the only way I can start my day :)."

~ Leslie, Asheville, NC

"I have to tell you that prior to discovering Blue Smoke, we were Starbucks people. Had a cup of Starbucks when I was in Seattle last year and it can't compare with your Medley blend. Also, I have been telling people up here about Blue Smoke and hopefully you will get some more business." ~ Frank, Chalfont, PA

"We both love the coffee. We previously bought Starbucks coffee because we all love strong good coffee but yours is excellent. Blue Smoke is noticeably different, in a good way, from what we had been drinking." ~ Carl, Lynchburg, TN

"You have a superior product! I just love your coffee and you have a life long customer. I am also free advertising for you because I have been telling everyone about your coffee. Thank you again for making my mornings great :)"

~ Heidi, New Albany, OH

"Kudos on your new corn-plastic bag packaging option. I will put them in the compost and thanks for the option for that kind of eco-packaging!!" ~ Pat, Alburtist, PA

"The delicious aroma of fresh roasted coffee permeated the entire apartment, it was wonderful" ~ Michele, Paris, France

"This afternoon it was cold and rainy and I made myself a cup of Creekside and it was absolutely delicious, as was my Canopy this morning. Thanks for doing such an excellent job with my beans." ~ Camille, Franklin, NC

"The second pound of coffee I ordered is going to one of my closest friends Angie. She came by a week ago for a coffee date and she is now hooked on Blue Smoke coffee too." ~ Heidi, New Albany, OH

"My sister and I think you have the best decaf anywhere. And the other kinds I tried last time were REALLY good, too, so I am excited to get more. ~ Carrie, Camas, WA

"Blue Smoke is the best coffee I've ever had, and I've been drinking coffee for over 60 years." ~ Margaret, Boise, Idaho

"Thanks for your quick and courteous service. We do appreciate how you go out of your way to be sure we are satisfied. You just don't find customer service like that in the world today." ~ Jan, Springfield, MO

"The coffee is wonderful and I love the personalized labels. Thank you very much for the personal service - hard to find in this day and time. We will definitely be ordering again when we run out!!! ~ Susan, Cincinnati, OH

"Thanks for the personal attention. We were introduced to your coffee when my parents who visited the Smoky Mountains and brought us home a bag of your Appalachia blend. My wife and I really enjoy good coffee, and we were pleasantly surprised by the great flavor this roast offered. We also like to support small businesses." ~ Doug, Troy, OH

"We have spent the last 5 years looking for decent coffee in this area. We have finally found the right one. We purchase Blue Smoke Coffee at the New Bridge Market in Asheville." ~ Jeff & Denise, Swannanoa, NC

"I appreciate the manner in which you all do business. My nephew and his new bride purchased some of your coffee (Appalachia) for me while on their honeymoon in Gatlinburg last week. I thoroughly enjoy it." ~ Greg, Evansville, IN

"You've got an EXCELLENT product. I had some folks over for dessert and coffee on Thursday and your Canopy coffee was a HUGE hit (and I really didn't want to share, but I relented). You've got me as a steady customer going forward.....Love the Appalachia blend too." ~ Elton, Tucker, GA

"It's easy to be a fan of such wonderful coffee. I'm sure you already knows this, but I really enjoy how the Blue Smoke coffee never gets bitter. From the first cup to the last, it's consistently smooth. Plus, I'm committed to supporting fair trade coffees. I think if people understood how much blood goes into their grocery store coffee, they would be appalled. I have my vices, and I'm no where near being as green as I could be, but I hope to do what I can when I can. Plus, this really is superior coffee!" ~ Gregory, Evansville, IN

"I just wanted you to know that the gift of your products I recently sent to my friends was enthusiastically received: The coffee they said was rich and complex, they liked the personalization, and they liked how well the products were packed. They voluntarily mentioned all these positive reactions without my having to ask them how they liked the gift. I am so pleased that I could send my friends a gift sight unseen that was so well received. I couldn't be happier with my choice that made my friends happy. With such a good review, I decided to buy some of your coffee for myself! And thank you for being so conscious about your business and your place in the world community and the environment." ~ Beverly, San Diego, CA

"I first discovered your exceptionally awesome coffee during one of my visits to the Smokies. I'm a backpacker so we always stop by the Happy Hiker and when I walked in I could smell the coffee!!! I had to have some..... I plan to continue to order your coffee now that I have the website!!" ~ Jason, Jacksonville, FL

"I want you to know that we are very happy with the service you provide us as well as the delicious coffee. I greatly appreciate your excellent customer service." ~ Kareen, Buford, GA

"I have to tell you that your customer service is awesome and makes me think of how I'd handle things if I were running a business." ~ Mike, Las Vegas, NV

"I have raved about Blue Smoke Coffee to everyone that I know. I really appreciate your product. Thank you!" ~ Hallie, Dalton, GA

"Your coffee is SUCH a great thing to look forward to each morning at 5am!!" ~ Elizabeth, Adrian, MI

"Your coffee is simply the BEST I've EVER tasted. I'm so enthusiastic about it that I'm sending it to my parents as a gift." ~ Dagmar, Rome,GA

"Just wanted to let you know that my coffee is delectable! Superb! Devine!" ~ Jeanne, Walnut Creek, CA

"Completely ENCHANTED by the beauty of the packaging and all the personal touches! I brewed some of the LeConte Blend. It is JUST DELICIOUS! The beans were plump and glossy, the aroma from the bag was heaven, and the brewed cup was just perfect for a sunny but crisp day like today--it's ultra-smooth, but bright, sweet, and I'd say almost fruity? A lovely brew! I can't wait to try the Appalachian and the Canopy! What a terrific job you are doing, and what a wonderful company!" ~ Gina, West Chazy, NY

"We received the coffee yesterday and the whole office loved it. Even the non-coffee drinkers were commenting on how great it smelled as the first pot brewed. I think we consumed more coffee yesterday than we typically do in three days. Its really excellent and we will definitely be ordering more." ~ Robin, Reston, VA

"I just placed a new order for more awesome coffee – it’s the only thing we ever drink anymore." ~ Susie, Cincinnati, OH

"I was in Kansas City for a few days and had a cup of Starbucks - YUCK!!! I am so spoiled - I'm not traveling without my Blue Smoke ever again!!!" ~ Terry, Evansville, IN

"Simply the BEST COFFEE EVER! Kevin, your personal coffee roaster, is just the nicest guy who provides truly unparalled customer service. Besides providing a wonderful product at a competitive price, the company is very socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly and all that. If you are a coffee lover, I strongly urge you to place an order (buy two pounds, and you get a half pound free, which basically pays for your shipping). And whatever you do, make sure to order the Canopy blend, which is to die for! P.S. No, I am not a paid spokesperson for the company, just a rabid fan! ;-)" ~ Gina, West Chazy, NY

"I got my Blue Smoke Coffee shipment today. It is just in time for the cookout tonight. I just brewed a pot of the Medley blend and WOW!!!! Thanks to Blue Smoke for a 21ST Century business model that takes Mother Earth and the customer so seriously." ~ Rick, Alabama

"Love the hand-made mug and of course your coffee is amazing!" ~ Josh, Ventura, CA

"My thanks again Kevin, for your truly exceptional service." ~ Barry, Buford, GA

"Thank God for Blue Smoke's kind of small business model in these times of corporate mergers designed to minimize competition. They also want less regulation so they can do what they deem necessary for PROFIT. Most have no environmental or social conscious. They only adhere to laws and regulations that We the People have demanded in order to protect ourselves and our environment from their "progress". They naturally pat themselves on the back for just doing what they are required to do as if they were somehow doing it voluntarily. Thank you Kevin for going above and beyond what is required. Blue Smoke Coffee is, in my opinion, a real American business model in action." ~ Charles, McCalla, AL

"Blue Smoke Coffee is like a little bit of heaven on Earth."  ~ Jeffery, Gatlinburg, TN

"We love your coffee, we never want to run out." ~ Al & Jan, Springfield, MO

"The breakfasts at The Key West Bed and Breakfast were fantastic, including freshly baked goodies, fresh fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice, and that Blue Smoke is fantastic coffee." ~ Guests at Key West Bed and Breakfast

"Our house smells great because we're brewing your excellent coffee!! I had friends gift me other coffee over the holidays, but I'll tell you, Blue Smoke is the best. Friends stayed with us last week and they couldn't believe how fresh your beans are." ~ Scott & Janice, Homestead, FL 

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