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Wildlife Benefits in 2011 from Blue Smoke's Support

Defenders of Wildlife, one of the non-profits supported through the donation of 5% of all sales of Blue Smoke, achieved the following wins for wildlife.  Thanks to all you Blue Smokers, this wouldn't be possible without you:

Defeat of the "Extinction Rider" in Congress 

This terrible provision would have gutted the landmark Endangered Species Act -- the lifeline for wildlife spiraling toward extinction.

Victories for Polar Bears 

Upholding the federal ban on the importation of trophy-hunted polar bear parts into the U.S. and winning a court ruling against a rule that exempted regulation of greenhouse gasses and other pollutants that harm polar bears and their habitat.

Victory Barring Use of Toxic Rozol to Kill Prairie Dogs 

In Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota, helping to keep the American plains a safer place for prairie dogs -- and rare black-footed ferrets that depend on them so survive.

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