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Coffee, The New Superfood


A cup of coffee is low in calories and contains more antioxidants than the same serving size of blueberries. Additionally java can help relieve headaches, boost brain power and alertness, protect the liver, protect against diabetes, reduce your chance of a stroke and aid in keeping your digestion regular, and reduce your risk from certain cancers.

Athletic Benefits

Coffee also gives you an athletic boost during your workout, via the caffeine, antioxidants, and polyphenols -- but new research has also shown coffee helps you recover post-workout as well.

Researchers found that drinking a cup of coffee one hour before working out, reduces post-exercise fatigue by 60%.  Caffeine also aids in releasing stored fat into the bloodstream to get used up before carbs, reserving some of the carbs to lead to a longer more energetic workout.

And a new study shows that drinking caffeine POST-workout provides additional benefits.  The American Physiological Society found that Drinking coffee with some carbs after a workout can help replenish and refuel muscles leading to a faster recovery and performance enhancement.  The researchers found that athletes who ingested caffeine with carbohydrate had 66% more glycogen in their muscles four hours after finishing intense, glycogen-depleting exercise, compared to when they consumed carbohydrate alone.

Don't Negate the Positive Benefits, Choose Organic

It's very important not to negate any of these beneficial health qualities of coffee, so be sure to choose an ORGANIC coffee, like Blue Smoke, since conventionally grown coffee is the most chemically treated crop in the world and is treated with chemical pesticides that have long been banned in America, due to their known cancer causing properties and devastation to the environment -- these chemicals are however still legal in the countries where most coffee is grown -- they are very cheap and are used liberally on conventionally grown coffee.

Blue Smoke roasts 100% Organic, Shade Grown, & Fair Trade beans exclusively because we care about our customers, the coffee farmers, and the environment.

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