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Medley ~ Light Roast

Well balanced flavors of rich Guatemalan and lively Peruvian varieties produce a velvety smooth, light body that is gracefully rich with alluring depth. A superbly smooth coffee, like a cup of sunshine to start your day right.

Appalachia ~ Medium Roast

Rich and velvety smooth. Medium roasted Guatemalan beans give this blend it's richness and earthy notes, while blonde roasted high grown Bolivian beans provide a fresh, enticing citrusy brightness

Canopy ~ Dark Roast

Combines wonderfully smooth Sumatra with the superbly well-balanced flavors of rich & robust Peruvian and vibrant, crisp tasting Guatemalan beans.

Deep roasted creating a full-bodied blend with chocolate overtones that enhance the complex range of flavors in my original and most popular blend.

Crossroads ~ Espresso

Rich Bolivian and lively Peruvian beans are dark espresso roasted to produce an awesome crema. Everything to love in an espresso: stout body and a thick, creamy consistency enveloping a tangy core of coffee essence.

This blend is bold like Blue Smoke's commitment to donate 10% of sales to non-profits.

Creekside ~ Swiss Water Decaf

Rich Mexican Chiapas and Peruvian Penachi beans are decaffeinated using the natural Swiss Water Process. A truly delicious, smooth cup with all of the flavor without the caffeine.

Benefiting Waterkeeper Alliance, a non-profit engaging advocates who patrol & protect over 100,000 miles of rivers, streams & coastlines around the world.

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