Blue Smoke Coffee - Coffee With A Soul
 Coffee with a Soul
"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving within you."~ Rumi
The Power of 10%
Blue Smoke donates 10% of Sales to environmental and humanitarian causes.  We believe business is about more than the bottom line -- it's also about the power of partnerships with non-profits to help transform the world.
Green Renewable Energy
Blue Smoke purchases green-renewable energy for 100% of our roastery's electricity needs.  We pay a premium for this energy because we believe so strongly in doing everything we possibly can to have the least possible impact on our planet.
Carbon Neutral Roaster 
In addition to purchasing green-renewable energy for our roastery, we also offset 100% of the remaining carbon emissions from roasting and delivery through contributions to, a non profit that plants trees to offset our carbon footprint.
Organic & Fair Trade Beans
Blue Smoke ONLY roasts beans certified Fair Trade by TransFair, and certified organic by OCIA.  Organic is good for your health and the health of the farmers and fair trade insures  a living wage for the farmers.
Shade Grown Coffee
It's for the Birds!
America's neotropical, migratory birds are in decline as a result of clear-cutting of rainforests, due to 70% of the world's coffee being sun-grown.  Coffee naturally grown under the canopy of a dense rainfroest provides habitat for as many as 150 species of birds. 
Enjoy a delicious cup of Blue Smoke knowing it contains ONLY shade-grown beans, and help protect the rainforst winter habitat of those songbirds in your back yard. 
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
In addition to buying green energy and offsetting our carbon footprint, Blue Smoke does everything possible to reduce our energy needs through the use of LED lighting in our roastery, solar hot water heating, use of an ultra-low emission hybrid vehicle for deliveries, and we use our bike cart to carry mail-order packages for drop-off. 
We reuse secondhand boxes and packaging materials for our shipments and our bulk coffee bags are made from corn plastic.  We recycle everything possible and compost byproducts from the roasting process.
No-Interest Loans via Kiva
One of the humanitarian non-profits Blue Smoke supports through our 5% sales committment is Kiva.  Kiva coordinates the distribution of no-interest loans to people in impovershed areas of the world, who are trying to work to improve their lives via their own small businesses.
The small, no-interest loans Blue Smoke provides allow these good folks to start or improve their small businesses, which literally enables them to pull them and their family's up by their boot-straps.
Other Non-Profits We Support
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